The keto way is a natural food diet that shares the positive recommendations of Paleo diets, Banting, organic and gluten-free.

So although, Keto has been promoted with special supplements that many websites sell. These websites are not interested in promoting healthy life choices. A real, and healthy diet does not need supplements.

At Ketoforrealpeople.org, we educate you on the benefits of a ketogenic diet and generally LCHF diet as a way of life that is so surprising you won’t believe that you’ll actually lose weight, become healthier, gain focus, concentration and bounds of energy.

We offer ideas on living this healthy lifestyle on an everyday, real-life basis, for the long term. 

Although starting Keto has amazing short-term benefits in weight loss, you’ll find that the Keto way becomes so easy to follow it will be your natural way of eating.

Why have all other quick diets failed and why is Keto so successful?

99.99% of diets fail because of the lack of proper scientific understanding in the foods that these diets recommend and the types of foods in these diets.

  • Tiny portions,
  • extreme starvations,
  • no nutritional benefits
  • Bland, tasteless foods
  • Short term body changes for long term damage to your metabolism
  • Eating healthy is expensive

Why Even Consider A Keto LCHF Diet?

As anyone who has tried a diet knows, all the above reasons (excuses) contribute to high failure rates.

In a Keto Diet, you get to eat Bacon, Butter, Cream, Full-fat dairies, meats and veggies that are actually restaurant quality.

  • Way of Life

  • Fats Give Flavour

  • Carbs Drive Hunger

What do we mean by this?

Well, fat gives flavour to foods. Have a look at all the low-fat foods out there, check the sugar content.

In manufacturing, if you remove the fats, you lose the flavour, so you need to add sugar so that you can get the flavour back. Once you become aware of this simple fact, you begin to realize how bad the food industry has become. Either unknowingly or by design. The facts remain the same.

The fats you’ll be eating actually keeps your hunger cravings at bay by:

  • Providing longer term energy sustenance.
  • Giving you incredibly healthy nutritional values.
  • And eliminating bad processed foods.

Why Are Carbs Bad For You?

At the absolute base level, carbs are not by design bad for you. However, our eating habits have become so packed by carbs that it is almost unavoidable to not eat carbs. Carbohydrates are the ONLY non-essential nutrient for human life. Avoiding carbohydrates has no short or long-term effects, other than the effect of weight loss. While we need a constant supply of glucose, it can be produced by the liver from fat and protein and doesn’t need to be ingested as carbohydrate in our diets.

There a few basic problems with Carbs:

Carbohydrates do not fill you up. They in fact, drive the hunger process.

There are no sustaining properties, which means that you need to eat more carbs to get the feeling of a full belly.

Carbs drive the over-production of insulin, which in excess develops resistance, starting the process of Diabetes and IR (Insulin Resistance)

Read our article on how our bodies use carbohydrates.

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