In this article, we take a look at what foods to avoid on keto and LCHF diets. You can also check out our Keto Safe Food list here.

The keto diet and LCHF is a low carb, moderate protein and high natural fat eating plan. It is not an “all you can eat buffet”, where any fat goes. One of the most important and often ignored parts of the diet, is the essential nutrient: protein.

We need 1g of protein per 1 kg of body weight to stay healthy. any more and we add weight, any less and we start to lose muscle mass.

The main point of the diet is to avoid as many carbohydrates as is possible. As we pointed out in our Ketogenic Science article, carbs are a non-essential nutrient, yet is one of the most abundant in our foods.

Below are the foods to avoid on keto LCHF diets

Lets get the obvious ones out the way:

Bread: 1 Slice of toast puts you at 12g Net Carbs

foods to avoid on keto LCHF diets Fries: 100g sets you back 34g Net Carbs

Fruit juice: 100ml equals 11g Net Carbs

foods to avoid on keto LCHF diets Chocolate: 100g puts you at 54g of Net Carbs

foods to avoid on keto LCHF diets Low-fat dairy has the same Carbs as full fat 3 – 5 Net Carbs

foods to avoid on keto LCHF diets Cereals: 100g puts you completely out of Ketosis. Coming in at 57g Net Carbs.

These are probably the most common carbs we know and see every day. These are the classic foods to avoid on keto LCHF diets.

Net Carbs

Let’s talk about net carbs.

Net carbs is the total carbohydrates minus any dietary fibre.

Fibre is not absorbed by the body and adds no nutritive value to our diets. although important in digestion. Check out our article on how our bodies use carbs for more detail.

The Keto percentages are:

  • High natural fats (60 – 75%)
  • Moderate protein intake (20 – 30%)
  • Low (restricted) carbohydrates. (5 – 10%)

This generally means we need to aim for 50g Carbs and 25g Net Carbs

Below is a more detailed list of foods to avoid on keto LCHF diets:

foods to avoid on keto LCHF diets

This is not rocket science, the more you become accustomed to keto, the more you will realise how crazy packed our foods are with sugars. All in an effort to remove healthy fats (the flavour) and replace with sugar so that it is edible.

Here’s the nutrient break down of the above list, explaining why these are the bad foods for keto. The below table shows the nutrient content per 100g (3,5 Oz).

Non Keto Veg Food List

All vegetables that grow underground are to be avoided in general. The leafy green veggies for keto are more than enough for you.

Non Keto Dairy Food List

Avoid all low-fat dairies at all costs. Rather replace with the full-fat options. They have the same amount of net carbs.

Non Keto Fruit Food List

Fruits naturally have sugars. Eat fruits in moderation and rather stick to the berries.

Non Keto Grain Food List

Avoid, ignore and leave behind for good!

Non Keto Snack Food List

You probably think you’ll miss these, yet with all the foods you can eat, you really won’t.