What are the Keto LCHF diet basics?

In the keto way, we talk about the Macro nutrients in your diet. There are 3 key nutrients that we need to survive:

  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates

We need each of these macro nutrients to survive. However, the proportions that we have been traditionally consuming is where the problem lies. So, the Keto way is to adjust the percentages of each of the macro nutrients, so that our bodies start to use our fat stores, then the healthy fats and proteins that we consume as our energy source rather than the carbohydrates.

The basic design of Keto LCHF:

  • High natural fats (60 – 75%)
  • Moderate protein intake (20 – 30%)
  • Low (restricted) carbohydrates. (5 – 10%)

When considering the above percentages, the very first thing that you need to understand is the basic principle of weight loss. Check out our list of keto foods here.

  • Prepare Mentally

  • Learn Your Macro’s

  • Remember Health First

Before Getting Started on Keto LCHF Diet

There are a couple of basics you will need to start understanding before you start your journey through the keto way.

You need to burn more calories than you consume. This means you will need to understand how your body works and your basic stats.

  • Understand the foods you are eating now.
  • Learn about the macronutrients in the foods that you consume and start reading those labels!
  • Get mentally ready for this change.
  • Address some basic unhealthy habits that you have now before starting Keto.

If you are generally in a healthy state, meaning you are not diabetic or have any other metabolic disorders, there is no need to jump straight into the keto way. Rather, a slow and steady start will help you in the long run to develop a long-term eating way of life.

Remember, the primary intention of Keto and LCHF is to become healthy. Also, you also need to realize that there is no “one plan fits all” diet. Ultimately, you will need to learn what works for you.

We can guide you through the right steps to take, the right foods to eat and create awareness around what you are putting into your body. It is only you, that decide to commit, and develop your own way of doing things with the boundaries of the macro percentages and the meals you prepare.

We do offer basic meal plans that are only meant as a guide for you to understand what foods to eat and how to prepare them. Realistically, everyone’s bodies are different, tastes differ drastically and we each react differently to carb levels.

What to expect from Keto

Because we advocate a slow introduction to Keto  and LCHF. following the 4 week introduction plan, you won’t have a significant weight loss to start off. (By the way those that go straight into keto lose about 3 – 5kgs in the first week, this is all water weight and matters very little, unless you’re a boxer and need to fit into your weight category)

However, because you’ve addressed your unhealthy habits, cutting out the obvious carbs, stopping the take-aways and become aware of what your eating. These alone will cause weight loss, provided you’re eating less calories than you’re burning.

  • You can expect 1 – 3 kg per week.
  • This will continue for some time, and will eventually drop to a normal 0,5 – 1kg per week. This is considered healthy and sustainable weight loss. You will eventually reach your limit, and that does depend on your level of activity.
  • Remember the ultimate goal of Keto and LCHF is to become and stay healthy. Each person has their own healthy limits. And as long as you keep your eye on your calorie intake and your activity levels, you can maintain or lose weight accordingly.

Also remember inches and body fat percentages mean more than weight. Remember you can change your muscle mass according to the amount of protein you consume.

One of the biggest obstacles to reading or hearing about Keto, and LCHF is the eating plan and the foods you can eat, is that people still need to be convinced that this actually works.

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