Keto Pills And Supplements Could Be Harmful

The intention of LCHF diets is to enter a metabolic state known as ketosis when your body burns fat for fuel. It is scientifically proven that using fats as your main source of energy is healthier. And that you get that full feeling, meaning you don't overeat. SO WHY USE KETO PILLS AND SUPPLEMENTS?


What Foods To Avoid On Keto LCHF Diets

The main point of the diet is to avoid as many carbohydrates as is possible. As we pointed out in our Ketogenic Science article, carbs are a non-essential nutrient, yet is one of the most abundant in our foods.


Keto Food List

Here's our list of foods that are suitable for a keto LCHF diet. The below table shows the nutrient content per 100g (3,5 Oz).

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